The idea for this manual was prompted by a series of three workshops led by Mimi Weaver and the Pastoral Care Committee on “Finding Peace in the Daily Madness”. These were offered in the fall of 2014 at Grace & Holy Trinity Church. The contents of this manual were assembled in order to further expand upon the many varieties of contemplative practices, which were introduced during this series.

Some of the selections are from the Tree of Contemplative Practices, which Carolyn Chilton has referenced in workshops she has done over the years. Leaves organize this booklet, with each section highlighting one or more practices. Interspersed throughout are poems, commentaries, and reflections. Since there is a profusion of material on these techniques, the challenge was what to leave in and what to leave out. Throughout, there are references to only some of the many books, web sites, and small groups available.

There are many ways to be Present to the Presence. Perhaps one of these practices will inspire you. Hopefully you will experience joy and rest, and have a little taste of the Kingdom. You may even encounter that fleeting warm spot in the ocean (a quote from Penny Adams, a member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church).

Lent 2015

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