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Light a Candle

Lighting candles has long been a sacred ritual in all traditions, creating precious moments in our own and other people's lives.

Self-Compassion Break

The self-compassion break involves using a set of memorized phrases that are repeated silently whenever you want to give yourself compassion. They are most useful in the heat of the moment, whenever strong feelings of distress arise.


The Jesus Prayer

Let’s look closely at the familiar Eastern Orthodox prayer, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner. These words hold rich meaning. Let’s look at the words.


The Meaning to Pause Bracelet

This is a device designed to interrupt our day. It is a bracelet that vibrates at set intervals (every sixty or ninety minutes) reminding us to Pause.


Lectio Divina instructions

Lectio Divina is Latin for spiritual reading or holy reading. It is the ancient prayer practice that allows us to encounter the Living God through His written Word.

Daily Examen

Sit comfortably in your chair or you may move to the floor. Close your eyes. Notice your feet. Plant them firmly on the floor. Relax them. Uncurl your toes.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

As you go through the day, keep a little notebook handy and date it. Pay attention to the many good things which take place, all the connections with people, pets, beauty, bird song, wind and sky.


Stop, Drop, and Roll

Many of us have heard the directions...if you catch on fire, what you must do is, STOP, DROP AND ROLL.

A Process for Beginning a Spiritual Practice

The following preparation process is a general and simple way to ready ourselves for practice. It may need to be modified or adapted to fit a particular practice, but the pattern lends itself to such personal adaptation.